To our daughter, Shiloh, on your first birthday… in heaven

2017-07-07 08.55.06.jpg

My dearest baby girl, I have so much to say and no way to say it, all that comes out is a sobering happy birthday.

The past week has filled my mind with all the thoughts and dreams of what we should have experienced during your first year of life and they made me smile and cry all at once.

I am struggling with how quickly a whole year has gone by and how it all still seems so fresh. Your death has taught us to focus on the important things in life, not to sweat the small stuff and what it means to be real. We live in this constant contrast of finding happiness and yet always aware of our grief, still learning how to live without you. You taught us about love and how important it is to not merely just exist.

This morning daddy and I lit and blew out a birthday candle for you and our hearts are filled with longing, but more so love.

You have our thoughts, our love, and our hearts.

Happy birthday baby girl!


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