Uncomfortable answers 

Uncomfortable answers…

There are two conversations that are surrounded by so much stigma… infertility and miscarriage/stillbirth. For the stigma to be lessen we need to ‘up’ the conversation…

With every ‘calander’ event comes a frenzy of social media memes, pictures, special arrangements, gifts, questionnaires and the list goes on and on… 

One of these going around now is this Mother’s day questionnaire and I wish more than you could ever know that I could comfortably copy, fill out and paste this questionnaire… 

So in doing my part to reduce the stigma I will do that exact thing… 

Here goes:

In honor of upcoming Mother’s Day: ALL ABOUT YOUR FIRST BORN

 1. Epidural – No – full on anesthesia 

 2. Father in the room? No – he was in his ear to the hospital 

 3. Induced? Emergency c- section (but not side to side – from my navel down – emergency as in the focus was to save my life)

 4. Know the sex beforehand? Yes

 5. Due Date? 31 October 2016

 6. Birth Date? Stillborn on 07 July 2016

 7. Morning sickness? Nope

 8. Cravings? Yes, cheese

 9. Kilos gained? 4 kg 🙉🙈🐵

 10. Sex of the baby? Girl

 12. Place you gave birth: Pretoria East 

 13. Doctor? Dr Trouw

 14. Hours in labor? 5.5 hours 🛏😅👩🏼‍⚕️

 15. Baby’s weight? 380g

 16. Baby’s Name? Shiloh Pretorius 

 17. How old is your baby this mothersday? She has been dancing in heaven for 10 months and 3 days

My list may not look like yours – point is that does not make me any less of a momma! My arms are empty but my heart is not…


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