Small victories and BIG struggles 

The past seven (7) months has been one big struggle for me… and I had to learn, on a whole new level to celebrate the small victories. 

After being released from the hospital I had to give my body time to heal before I could exercise again… not to mention my heart…

I remember my first day back in the exercise game… we went for a hike and I remember thinking come on body this is not as all as difficult as your making it out to be.

Slowly but surely, and when I say slowely I mean it took me almost seven months to finish a race in what I deem as an acceptable amount of time, but surely I got stronger again..

Celebrating the small victories is not something I’ve aloud myself to do often in the past… I always aimed for the big results and forget to stop at each milestone along the way to congratulate myself. 

When you loose a child new perspective is forced on you and you realise the small things have been the big things all along

We humans, well me at least do however find myself in moments where I once again expect the big things from myself and then reality kind of head buds me.

This past week has been a rather good one for me… I even accomplished my personal best for the last seven months during a race…

Then just then, when you feel I’ve got this, a day like today happens. I was so excited for our mountain bike ride this morning. We got here, weather is perfect for our ride and  I struggle from literally start to finish. I was so close to crying myself through the route. 

On the days when you improve your personal best… maybe you accomplished to put on makeup today, you were motivated enough to go out in public, you did not have a complete breakdown when you saw a woman with a baby..  on those days… STOP and celebrate your victory… we need to appreciate our accomplishments… because I’ve realised that on days like today, when you struggle from start to finish, you’ll need those victories to keep you going or the struggle might take you out.

Your days will never be just good and thankfully they won’t be just bad either. 

Take the time and celebrate your small victories!!!


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